Street Style Lookbook: Inspirational Fashion from Fashion Capitals |

Street Style Lookbook: Inspirational Fashion from Fashion Capitals

As the world of fashion evolves and changes, it’s no surprise that each fashion capital is bursting with trendsetting style. From Paris to Tokyo, the streets of each city are alive with creative expressions of personal fashion. To help you get a glimpse of the range of fashion found in the cities of the world, here’s a Street Style Lookbook of Inspirational Fashion from fashion capitals.

1. The Street Style Lookbook: Street Styles from Around the World

We all love street style for its versatility and unbridled creativity. From Tokyo to Paris, people have been pushing the boundaries of fashion since the 1960s for that oh-so-cool street style look. Here at The Street Style Lookbook, we’re featuring our favorite street style trends from around the world!

Start your international excursion in the land of the rising sun: Japan. Tokyo street style is characterized by its bright colors, playful anime-inspired graphics, and avant-garde shapes. In Japan, just about anything goes — from faux fur coats and flowing skirts to glittering boots and unique statement hats.

In Scandinavian countries, street style looks are informed by minimalism and practicality. Think clean silhouettes, muted colors, and sleek fabrication. Though pared-down, timeless pieces are commonplace, this doesn’t mean Scandinavia lacks the sartorial flair of other places. Accessorizing a tonal black outfit with a pair of statement earrings is a favorite classic Scandinavian street style trick.

And then, of course, there’s Paris. Street style in the City of Light is all about two things: effortless chic and modern refinement. Parisians favor contemporary details, such as clever mixes of prints and layers of monochrome color — with a sprinkle of scandalousness— for a truly timeless sense of style.

Whether you’re styling your next OOTD or daydreaming about the perfect wardrobe, you don’t have to take a trip to discover the best of world street styles. Here at The Street Style Lookbook, we bring the best of street styles from around the world right to you! Check out the most stylish looks from the trendiest fashion cities:

  • Paris
  • New York
  • Milan
  • Seoul
  • Shanghai
  • Tokyo

We believe the best fashion inspiration comes from real people, so here you can get ideas from the hometown style stars of every fashion capital, no matter where you are.

2. Captivating Street Styles: Bold, Creative, Inspiring

From all corners of the globe, street style has been morphing and blending into a new way of fashion creativity. From boldly printed colours and shapes to layered monochromes — street style has become a reflection of people’s personalities.

  • Mix & Match –  Street style allows the modern fashionista to mix eclectic prints and textures. Make a statement and turn heads with bold choices, mixing edgy animal prints and neon colours with surprising accessories in unexpected ways.
  • Layer Up – Street style offers a plethora of layering options. Play with texture and go for extra warmth this winter season with scarf accessories, and take it up a notch with a mix of colour or fabric.
  • A Dash of Chic –  Recreate upscale style on the street with a mixture of structured silhouettes and distressed stretch denim. You don’t have to choose between sophistication and comfort, bring them both flavours together for a chic look.
  • Go Bold – Shoes are the ultimate way to accessorise any street style outfit. Put some swag into your walk with bold and daring footwear, ranging from texture variations to eye-catching neon colours.

Street style fashion reflects a growing trend towards individual expression. Mixing fashion eras to make your look truly unique is a way to be creative in your style persona. Create your variations of different fashion elements and take pride in wearing something that’s one of a kind. Be inspired to make the statement of the season with lasting impact and captivating style.

3. Capturing the Moment: Street Fashion from the Fashion Capitals

Fashion Capitals around the world, such as Paris, Milan, New York and even Tokyo, have been inspiring and influencing trends for countless years. In this section, let’s take a look at some of the best street fashion from each city – the photos that capture the unique cultures, styles, and vibes that each holds.

Images of the stylish ladies and gents of Paris show an intricately cool Parisian style. The streets of Paris are lined with iconic design houses, and the inhabitants of the city incorporate these into functional chic looks. From Chanel-inspired tweed coats to the black and white classic monochrome that the chic Parisians are known for, their street style is as iconic as its city.

People of Milan have a more preppy look compared to other cities. Accessories such as fedora hats, stylish wool scarves, and sunnies are often seen paired with designer jeans, classic shirting, and leather pieces, creating a fashionista-meets-prep look.

The streets of New York are filled with fashion-forward individuals and colourists alike. Whether they’re rocking a monochromatic look in one bold colour, or styling a print-on-print combination, the vibrant attitude that the streets of NY carry is exemplified in the uniquely stylish looks that the locals wear.

Tokyo’s street fashion scene is unlike any other. It’s a combination of functional, statement-making and highly original looks. A snapshot of Japan’s street fashion in one photo could feature bright colours, mismatched patterns, something preppy, something trendy, and something loud and crazy, all in the same frame.

So, don’t forget to take a minute to appreciate the unique street style of your favorite Fashion Capital!

4. Unlocking a New Look: Street Style Inspiration for All

When it comes to fashion, there is something to be said for letting your inner style out. Taking inspiration from the streets, you can inject a certain edge and personality into your wardrobe that is unique and eye catching. Here is some inspiration for walking the streets in style.

Whether you prefer to keep your look classic, or opt for something more daring and fresh, there is something out there for everyone. For those who prefer a classic look, oversized denim jackets with a fitted T-shirt, and a pair of black jeans never disappoints. For the more bold and daring, why not try a leopard print coat, with an oversized graphic tee and colourful joggers for an extra touch of panache?

Time to Accessorize

Accessorizing your look is always a fun and easy way to make a statement with your style. From statement handbags and sunglasses to chunky earrings and layered necklaces, you can take your look to the next level in no time. For a bolder style, play around with different textures and prints and don’t be afraid to mix and match for a fun, unique style.

Up your Shoe Game

  • White sneakers never fail to keep things casual yet chic.
  • Stilettos or ankle boots will add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
  • Loafers never fail to add some sophistication to any look.

Finally, to complete the look, grab a statement hat and you are ready to turn some heads! Try a classic fedora, or a baseball cap. Colourful snapbacks are also a great way to inject some personality and funkiness into your outfit. With a few inspiring street style ideas, you can express yourself with your look and be sure to stand out from the crowd!

You’ve just seen inspiring looks from street style around the world. From chic ensembles to groundbreaking trends, these street style looks represent the sartorial journeys of fashionable people from fashion capitals. Let it inspire your own fashion journey and help you craft the perfect style statement.

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