From Runway to DIY: Recreating Fashion Week Looks at Home |

From Runway to DIY: Recreating Fashion Week Looks at Home

From the haute couture of New York Fashion Week to the comfort of your living room – the art of runway looks can be recreated and enjoyed by all. Craft your own wearable artwork with our guidance on recreating the iconic looks of Fashion Week from this past season. From choosing the right materials to knowing the difficulty of each project, we’ll make becoming a master craftsman as easy and quick as possible. Break out the sewing machine and scissors and let’s make some couture!

1. Flashing the Fashion: DIY Runway Looks at Home

Fashion can be something we turn to in order to express our creativity, reflect our personality, and take a risk. While catwalk shows have become synonymous with all things fashionable, there’s something special about assembling your own look and owning it. To recreate the runway splendor from the comfort of your own home, don’t feel like you need to compromise – there’s lots you can do.

Be Inspired

Start by scouring the web for your favorite collections. Awake those creative juices by scrolling through the likes of Chanel, Prada, and Givenchy, while immortalizing what you like the most. Save out any images that capture your attention and examine the shapes, colors, and designs for the inspiration.

Splurge Wisely

  • Throw on those luxury items which you’ve acquired over the years and know exactly how to combine with more affordable options.
  • Invest in a few key pieces which are really on trend right now, and use them to create a range of looks.
  • Don’t be too sparing, but don’t feel compelled to over-buy either – a vintage touch can save your outfit without breaking the bank.

Do It All

The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional stylist to recreate catwalk trends on a budget. Play around with contrasts, mixing and matching pieces until you’ve got your very own interactive outfit. It’s not just about what you wear either, get creative with accessories – your hair, makeup, bag and shoes all have the power to elevate a look and tell a story.

At the end of the day, it’s all about trial and error – make a statement, dare to go fearless, but never let the trends dictate what you choose. Halloween or not, be sure to rock your own runway show this season!

2. Bringing the Catwalk to Your Closet

Are you an avid fashionista with the latest trends on the top of your mind? is a surefire way to spice up your wardrobe! With a few simple steps, you can refresh your wardrobe and take it to the next level.

1. Check Out the Trends

Take a look at what’s gracing the catwalks this season. Be sure to check out both the Spring and Fall collections to get an idea of what styles are popular.[1] From oversized silhouettes to full-on monochromatic looks, you can find inspiration in all of the collections.

2. Invest in a Few Statement Pieces

No catwalk look is complete without a few striking pieces. Invest in a few pieces that will make a strong statement in your wardrobe. Think about investing in a brightly colored blazer, a bold print dress, or a leather jacket. These pieces will instantly elevate any outfit, taking it to the next level.

3. Consider Your Wardrobe as a Whole

Building a complete catwalk-inspired wardrobe requires some planning. Consider each piece of your wardrobe and how it will work together with the statement pieces. You don’t want clashing colors or outlandish proportions. Make sure each look you create is balanced and cohesive.

4. Accessorize

Accessories can make or break your look. Consider incorporating eye-catching bags, jewelry, and shoes into your outfit. If you’re going for a bold, full-on look, opt for statement jewelry that will grab attention. If you’re aiming for a more subdued approach, you can always find delicate, timeless pieces that will work.

5. Put It Together

Now it’s time to put it all together and create the perfect ensemble. Put on your outfit and assess how the colors and proportions interact. Is the balance right? Are you comfortable with this look? If so, it’s time to show it off!

With these five easy steps, you can take your wardrobe to the next level and bring the catwalk to your closet.

3. Crafting High-Fashion Looks with Your Own Two Hands

Upgrading your wardrobe can sometimes be intimidating, especially when it comes to high-end fashion pieces. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Why not try your hand at crafting your own looks?

  • You can make use of recycled materials to create a truly unique style.
  • You can save money and have fun customizing your clothes.

Make Your Own Patterns

Doing your own wardrobe customization means being able to make your own patterns. There are many pre-made dress patterns to choose from, but it can be just as much fun to make your own. Do some research online to learn the basics. Before trying anything too advanced, start with simpler designs.

The great thing about pattern cutting is that it doesn’t really require a lot of expensive supplies. All you really need is some fabric, scissors, and maybe some measuring devices.

Get Creative With Fabric

Fabric can be used as-is or creatively manipulated. Finding the perfect fabric to use is key to making something stylish, but sweetening the deal with appliques and other additions can make your pieces really stand out.

Embellishing fabric with fabric paint, glitter, or lace can add a unique and vintage feel to simple pieces. Be bold and experiment with different materials and fabrics. Once you finish, you’ll have something that nobody else in the world will have.

Set a Goal

Making high-end pieces from scratch requires a certain level of sophistication that is typically reserved for professionals. Take your time and set a goal for what you’re trying to make. This will help you work through the process step by step and create something truly unique.

4. All Eyes on You: From the Runway to Your Wardrobe in No Time

Are you ready to make everyone turn heads and take your wardrobe game up a notch? Updating your wardrobe for the season is the perfect way to break away from the monotony of your everyday style. From the latest runway trends to the timeless staples, we’ve got you covered!

Neutral Classics: No wardrobe is complete without the classic neutrals. Be it an airy and white blouse, an ivory blazer, or just a crisp and tailored shirt — neutral tones such as black, white, navy, camel and cream form the perfect base for a head-turning look.

Hints of Color: Break away from the neutrals and experiment with a few pieces in bold shades to liven up your looks. Think vivid yellows, oranges and greens or jazz up your basics with artfully embroidered pieces. Checkered and florals can also add an interesting touch of color.

Invest in Visuals: Steal the runway looks with the latest trends in statement prints and fabrics. Go for standout polka dots, dreamy textures as well as sleek and shiny details to accentuate your looks and define your style.

Chic Accessories: Complete your ensembles and instantly glam it up with the perfect accessory! While a belt can define a look, a bag can make or break it. Switch up your style with trendy sling bags, tote bags or a structured shoulder bags. And always don’t forget to go bold with jewelry with pops of color and texture.

So, it’s time to take control of your style and to make a style splash! Make sure to get your wardrobe ready for the season and add a few pieces to take your looks up a notch.

Fashion Week is undoubtedly an exciting time to observe the stunning styles created every season. But with a few helpful tips, you can bring the runway to your own home! With a little imagination and creativity, you can transform common household items into fabulous pieces that will make you look like a million bucks. Now that’s a fashion trend worth making.

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